14 septembre 2020

What is more beneficial to the environment? A real- or an artificial Christmas tree? (Français)


There are a lot of arguments for both sides, however in conclusion: “it depends.” It depends mostly on the time the tree is used. The minimum period of time that is suitable for using an artificial tree is around seven years. However, if you are planning on using the tree every three years, it is more beneficial to buy a real tree.

HOWEVER, one easily forgets the negative implications on the environment for a tree to grow because of pesticides and vast amounts of water.

Imagine, you buy an artificial Christmas tree and use it for ten years, you do not only save money and time buying a new tree every year, and it goes much beyond that.

Xmasdeco designed and created real looking artificial Christmas trees. They are top-quality trees with metal frames for a base, so that the tree lasts for years for your enjoyment.

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